Development of mobile games from scratch
Developing new products, mixing game genres, and bringing fresh ideas to the market
Develop your idea with us
All our experience, talent and enthusiasm go into creating games. Our team consists of the most professional and highly skilled Game Designers, Developers and Artists. Our work is built on mutual trust and absolute commitment to work. So each project is made with exceptional involvement and creativity. We work to bring games to life!
We do
Turnkey development of mobile game, based on your design document or our ideas
Game Design Document according to your request. Graphics, levels design, core- & meta-mechanics, playtest & QA, etc.
ASO and mobile store marketing services. Advertizing companies and PR activities for your app.
Our Work
Genre: Hybrid Hyper-Casual
Gameplay: Builder / Puzzle
Model: free-to-play
Platforms: Android / iOS
Engine: Unity

Deep, deep in the waters, where no man has ever walked before. The beautiful site is ruined by human nature. Help the ocean and human race to restore their future by cleaning the trash and converting it to new resources.
Genre: Hyper-Casual
Gameplay: Runner/Drifting
Model: free-to-play
Platforms: Android / iOS
Engine: Unity

Lose yourself in the escape adventure. Help little droids to escape from the fabric to freedom by drifting through the narrow space. Beware of the evil instruments of destruction on the way and gather as many droids as you can.
Genre: Hybrid Hyper-Casual
Gameplay: Farm Simulator

Model: free-to-play
Platforms: Android
Engine: Unity

Pleasant and relaxing gameplay. Drive your own toy track, harvest the field, sell the crop, upgrade toys!
Genre: Hyper-Casual
Gameplay: Adventure/Survival

Model: free-to-play
Platforms: Android
Engine: Unity

Try walking in the shoes of the real ghost hunter. Chilling monsters are terrorizing the neighbors. Find all the secrets and trap the scary monsters!
Genre: Hyper-Casual
Gameplay: Runner
Model: free-to-play
Platforms: Android / iOS
Engine: Unity

A satisfying fishing with the unusual tool - jet ski. Complete a series of tracks to gather as much fish as possible while avoiding the rocks, bridges and other obstacles. A unique gameplay combination of runner and fishing simulator awaits the dashing challenger.
Genre: Hyper-Casual
Gameplay: Tap-to-win puzzle
Model: free-to-play
Platforms: Android / iOS
Engine: Unity

Quick, reaction based game. Set your own record on a streak of opened locks.
Easy to play - Tap at the right time to complete a series of picklocking.

UA Info
Under Attack (Kill z Orks)
Genre: App
Model: free / no ads
Platforms: Android
Engine: Airtable

UA Info is an app that contains all the necessary information for the inhabitants of Ukraine during the war. Information is grouped into categories for easy and quick search.
Genre: Wargame
Gameplay: Tap-Survival
Model: free-to-play
Platforms: Android / iOS
Engine: Unity

A thrilling war strategy game. As the leader of their heroic army, players must navigate through the treacherous battlefield and command their troops to defeat enemy attacks.

Where do we start?
We'll create a list of concepts or you send us your own vision/concept
The working process
We'll create a game design document and you approve a final version
What result?
Will create game/app prototype and MVP for publishing
Meet Our Leaders
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and make our clients happy
  • Dmitry Biruk
    ASO, Neuromarketing, Sensory marketing specialist, Strategy and business development
    9+ years in Game Dev Industry

  • Taras Tarasov
    Strategy and Business Consultant
    Strategy and business development
    30+ years in Game Dev Industry
  • Pavel Chernishov
    Lead Game Designer, Producer
    Dozens of released projects
    15+ years in Game Dev Industry
  • Roman Kurnikov
    Project Manager/Producer & Account Manager
    Successful projects cooperation with Ubisoft, Playtika, Playrix, Room 8 Studio
    3+ years in Game Dev Industry
  • Konstantyn Kartashov
    Lead Artist/Graphic Specialist
    3D Environment, 3D Character, VFX, Animation, UI Artist
    15+ years in Game Dev Industry
  • Valentyn Matvieienko
    C#, Unity Developer
    6+ years in Game Dev Industry
  • Anna Klochko
    3D Generalist Artist
    3D Environment, 3D Characteк, VFX, Animation, UI Artist
    3+ years in Game Dev Industry
  • Sergey Shevchuk
    C, C++, ASM, Frontend/Backend Developer
    5+ years in Game Dev Industry
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